Bentonite Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters in Qatar

CMS Industries one the largest bentonite manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Qatar. We provide carefully processed Sodium & Calcium bentonite in various grades for commercial purposes. Bentonite, a supremely commercial ingredient, is a naturally occuring rock which has green and dry compressive strength, absorption, hydration, swelling, viscosity, thixotropy, coagulant, detoxifying, strong retention, strong soil activator, special rheological and high clumping properties. It has the ability to lower the resistance to earth and it provides protection to drill bits by cooling while reducing fluid loss to a greater extent. It also enables the absorption of nutrients, facilitates digestion and it’s safe and non-toxic. When added to water, the presence of high surface area and exchangeable cations makes it an important mineral and hence, label it as a mineral of thousand uses.

At CMS INDUSTRIES, we offer high quality Sodium bentonite and Calcium bentonite which undergo precise processing procedure to result into the formation of different grades for commercial purposes. The unique characteristics of the Kachchh Bentonite make it suitable for various industries across the world.  Our Bentonite reserves and resources in its various forms has several uses and applications across a wide range of markets to serve a diverse range of end-users which includes Oil Drilling, IOP (Iron Ore Palletization), Foundry, Construction, Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Water Well Drilling, Water Treatment, HDD (Horizontal Direction Drilling), Electrical Earthing, Animal Feed, GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner) Cat Litter, Cosmetic, Paper and among many more applications.

CMS INDUSTRIES have large, versatile reserves of exceptional quality of Sodium Bentonite and Calcium Bentonite which are mined and processed discreetly into finest grades. Our Bentonite is being offered in its different forms like Ores, dried-crushed Lumps, Granules, Powder and Micronized Powder. Due to the very fine size of the particles, the Bentonite that we offer shows extra-ordinary swelling capacity and bonding powers. The processing facility is geared to mill, test and package the end product ranging from small bags, bulk bags and bulk lumps loose in containers. Testing is carried out on site at the point and the time of production ensuring extremely high uniformity and repeatability across the board.

The Origin

Bentonite has been widely known and used for its industrial uses, ever since its first occurrence in the United States of America in the 19th century. One of the first appearances of Bentonite is believed to be in the Cretaceous Benton Shale near Rock River, Wyoming in the USA. Bentonite owes its name to the Fort Benton where it was discovered and used for the first time.

Bentonite found in the region of Qatar that we engage in, is formed by the solidification of the molten state. It is believed to be formed millions of years ago, possibly from the volcanic ashes falling in stagnant salted water in semi-arid conditions where annual rainfall is 18-20 inches. Due to the inherent characteristics of these volcanic ashes, the chemical composition of this Bentonite is unique and is reportedly not found anywhere else in the world. Due to the very fine particle size, the Bentonite shows extra ordinary swelling capacity and bonding powers. These contrasts make our Bentonite the best of its kind in various industries throughout the world.

Properties of Bentonite

The special characteristics that Bentonite possesses make it extremely viable and useful.  The following properties make Bentonite known as the mineral of thousand uses:

The basic characteristic of Bentonite is absorption and expansion. The intensity of absorption depends on the type of exchangeable ions while the process of swelling is dependent on the water absorption at platelet surface level and osmotic repulsive forces.  Sodium bentonite allows penetration of water and swells up. On the other hand, Calcium bentonite with strong positive charge does not allow water to penetrate through its platelets. In this situation, the platelets flake off instead of swelling up.

The characteristic of viscosity and thixotropy exhibited by Bentonite is used extensively in the drilling industry. Dispersion of Bentonite  in water leads to the formation of highly stable colloidal suspensions which have high viscosity and thixotropy.
The peculiar property of Bentonite is to become thinner when a constant force is applied and once the force is removed, the viscosity reverts in the given time. Viscosity of Bentonite  is inversely proportional to the force applied.

Bentonite absorbs water forming a semisolid gel like substance due to the presence of strong hydrostatic pressure resistance. A montmorillonite platelet is created in the form of negatively charged layers. Due to the negative charge, repulsion takes place and water is let through, forming a strong cover. Once it reaches the saturation point, the cover begins repelling water, irrespective of pressure. Owing to these properties, Bentonite finds applications in sealing and lining ponds, docks, landfills etc.

The binding property of Bentonite is of great use. Bentonite is used as an additive, making the substance durable and heat resistant. For instance, Bentonite forms a coating on quartz sand grains and acts as a conjoining pattern to the structure. Even under pressure, water stays firm within this uniform coating, binds the grains and contributes strength to the sand mould.

The absorption and adsorption properties of Bentonite result due to the presence of high specific surface and free charges.  Moreover, coagulation happens through the adsorption of ions of opposite charge to that of colloidal particles.

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