Clay facial masks are made up of one of several types of clay, such as kaolin or bentonite. It’s thought that these masks have several benefits, like absorbing excess oil, helping manage dry skin, and preventing acne. Regulates Sebum Production, Softer, Smoother & Glowing Skin. Rejuvenates & Regenerates the Skin. Improves Skin Tone, Detoxifies & Purifies the Skin, Oxygenates the Cells and Unclogs and Shrinks Skin Pores. Clay masks are most effective with dark spots caused by acne because it focuses on fixing the cause. Clay helps in absorbing oils and control shine.

There are mainly two types of bentonite i.e. Calcium Bentonite and Sodium Bentonite. They are used in following industries which are as follows: Oil Drilling Bentonite, Foundry Bentonite, Animal Feed Bentonite, Paper Bentonite, Civil Engineering Bentonite, Construction Bentonite, Pilling Bentonite, Geosynthetic Clay Liner Bentonite, Agriculture Bentonite, Horizontal Direction Drilling Bentonite, Iron Ore Pelletizing Bentonite, Water Well Drilling Bentonite, Cat Litter Bentonite, Earthing Bentonite, Water Treatment Bentonite, Pond Sealing Bentonite and Cosmetic Bentonite.

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