Sodium bentonite is a natural clay that has an extraordinary ability to swell. Prominently called as the “mineral of a thousand uses,” sodium bentonite is versatile enough to be used in various parts of industries. Be it for agricultural purposes, or acting as a sealing agent, sodium bentonite is used for a multitude of purposes. 

Within this article, we will be exploring various applications and uses of sodium bentonite. 

What is Sodium Bentonite? 

So what is Sodium Bentonite? Sodium bentonite is a type of mineral that is well known for its absorption ability. It can absorb and expand to a high degree. It is a type of bentonite which is also a mineral that is prominent for swelling with a factor of eight. 

Features of Sodium Bentonite

  • As already mentioned, it has exceptional swelling capacity.
  • It has a high absorption capacity.
  • It works as a solid cleansing agent by trapping the impurities.
  • Can act as a good binding agent.
  • Helps to seal anything strongly. 
  • Helps with increasing water retention.

Applications of sodium bentonite

There are many ways in which sodium bentonite can be used. As the industries are growing every day, their uses too are increasing. It’s surprising to note that there are so many essentials we use in our daily lives that have the content of sodium bentonite in them. 

Below, we have discussed a few such areas where sodium bentonite is used: 

  1. Wastewater management: When it comes to environmental remediation, sodium bentonite works wonders. One of the primary applications is to seal the ponds, landfills, or groundwater walls. It helps in saving the environment by not permitting pollutants to pass into the surrounding water or soil. Whenever a water treatment plan needs to be executed, the government takes a step by making the use of sodium bentonite mandatory. Therefore, they are very effective in sealing dams, ponds, pools and lakes. 
  2. Health Industry: Sodium Bentonite has already made its way to the pharmaceuticals and medical world. It is used as an active ingredient in antacids and gastrointestinal medicines. It can help with bloating and gas issues after ingestion. It is also used for oral care health to make toothpaste and mouth cleanser. Its purifying ability makes it best to remove the cavities and plaque formed on the teeth. By its ability of purification, it can help in eliminating oral and dental problems too.
  3. Skincare: It is used in various skincare products as it offers numerous benefits. It can eliminate dirt, dust and oil from the skin. It helps with deep cleansing, unclogging the pores and brightening the skin. It is beneficial in removing the dead skin cells which can promote cell turnover. Sodium Bentonite is therefore used to make scrub, cleansing gel, mask etc. Additionally, it can also help with treating acne, and soothing irritation caused by allergies or other factors.
  4. Drilling fluids: In the oil and gas industry, sodium bentonite is used as the major component. It helps in preventing drill cuttings as it helps in increasing the viscosity. By also working as a lubricant agent, it helps reduce the friction between the drill and borewell walls. It also helps in sealing while dealing to prevent the loss of fluid. Sodium Bentonite also helps with avoiding cuttings and removing them neatly without affecting the stability and working of the drilling process.
  5. Animal Feed: The use of sodium bentonite is not just to please the stomach of the human but also animals! In the industry of animal care, they are being used for creating feed additives. They are added to the pellets of pets which can help them with proper nourishment. Also, it ensures durability so that it doesn’t break during delivery or transit. They also help to address stomach issues and digestive disorders.
  6. Soil care: It is used by civil engineers to combat soil erosion. By playing a role in binding the sand, it can help in avoiding surface wash. Also, it can help in enhancing soil health by giving it more texture and increasing water retention. Water retention helps soil to improve its lifecycle and keeps its nutrients intact. It also helps in absorbing the chemical effect of pesticides and insecticides, aiding the agricultural industry.
  7. Wound Healing Dressing: Sodium Bentonite can reduce the risk of infection of wounds. Wounds are usually a mixture of fluids and debris. Wearing bandages made with the help of sodium bentonite can help in quick healing by trapping the debris and absorbing the moisture. Also, it’s beneficial in soothing the inflammation which can aid with reducing pain.
  8. Cat litters: Another remarkable ability of sodium bentonite is to repel the odour. Because of this, it is used in making cat litter as it controls odour well. It binds all the ammonia which is found in cat litter to serve the purpose. Also, it absorbs urine making it a more hygienic choice. Being biodegradable in nature, sodium bentonite can be discarded after usage which is more convenient and safe to dispose of.


Well, the list doesn’t end. Its applications are wider where it is used for cosmetics, castings, papers, dust control hair care etc. Sodium bentonite is also a safer choice because of its ability to decompose without harming the environment. As sustainability is growing as a subject for industries to issue, sodium bentonite can be helpful for industries to save and thrive in nature.

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