Did you know that about 600 million cats live with their human owners around the world? On an average, healthy cats can live upto an age of 16 or 17, which means keeping our feline friends comfortable during the call of nature is of great importance.

You should use bentonite clay cat litter. It’s become increasingly popular on store shelves for its price point and unique features. Cat owners love bentonite clay cat litter because of how easily it sticks together when wet. Its relatively low price point and clumpiness seem like a heavenly match. 

History of Cat Litter: 

Did you know that cats have been adorable human pets for almost 10,000 years? However, in the past, cats did their business outside in the wild. But, when the cats began to share homes with their humans, that’s when a need for cat litter arose. 

Initially, people used sand, shredded newspapers, sawdust, garden dirt, and ashes to help their cats bury their waste. However, this was not a solution for keeping homes sanitary and odor-free. 

In 1947, a lady named Ms. Kay Draper, a friend of Mr. Edward Lowe asked him for sand to use for her cat litter box as she was tired of using ashes. Mr. Lowe had a family-owned business selling sand, sawdust, and granulated clay as industrial absorbents to absorb grease spills in factories. He realized that the granulated clay called Fuller’s Earth, would be the perfect solution for this and convinced her to try it instead. 

His friend reported back to him stating that the clay worked very well and also kept the home odor-free. Mr. Lowe then started to sell this granulated clay to pet stores under the name “Kitty Litter”, whose popularity grew quickly and created a whole new industry. 

Discovery Of Clumping Clay Cat Litter:

Kitty Litter had to frequently be emptied and replaced just like sand, ashes, and dirt to avoid odor. Fed up with this hassle, a biochemist and cat lover, Thomas Nelson began researching different types of clay. 

In 1984, he observed that bentonite clay clumped up in the presence of moisture. This allowed waste to be isolated, scooped out, and discarded. A small amount of new litter can be added to the litter box instead of replacing the entire litter. This meant the clumping cat litter could last up to a month almost without being replaced completely. This discovery became an instant success and forever changed the cat litter market. 

Why Is Bentonite Effective For Cat Litter? 

Bentonite Clay is ideal to be used for natural cat litter. Here are some reasons, why: 

  • Odor-free Home: 

Bentonite has the natural ability to absorb liquids and odors. It is odorless, which is perfect for scent-sensitive cats and cat owners. It makes bentonite clay an excellent choice to maintain a home that smells fresh. 

  • Absorbency: 

Most people buy bentonite clay litter because of its natural ability to clump when moist. It is known to absorb large quantities of liquid and can swell up to 15 times its original volume. This property makes it easy to scoop up and discard the waste, which reduces the overall effort needed to maintain a cat litter.

  • Non-toxic For Cats: 

A cat’s health is of top priority for any cat owner/lover. Bentonite clay litter is perfectly safe for your felines. It is soft on their paws, doesn’t stick to their paws, and is non-toxic for cats. 

  • Budget-Friendly: 

Bentonite clay is the cheaper alternative to most other types of cat litter. One of the reasons why it’s cheaper is that when the cat pees or defecates, only the clumps are discarded. Only a small amount of litter needs to be replaced, not the whole litter. 

India’s Market Share In The Global Clumping Cat Litter Industry:

  • The global bentonite cat litter market size is estimated to be around $2.83 billion in 2021.
  • India is one of the top countries for bentonite exporters as we have a wide availability of raw materials due to large reserves of calcium and sodium bentonite clay. 
  • In 2021, India exported $79.3 million in bentonite. 
  • By 2033, bentonite exporters in India will account for over 21.7% of sales in South Asia. 

Why CMS Catbent? 

One of the major bentonite manufacturers in India is CMS Industries. They are also one of the leading bentonite powder manufacturers around the globe. They are one of India’s best cat litter manufacturers, suppliers & exporters. Their cat litter brand Catbent is established in more than 40 countries. 

The following are the features of CMS CATBENT: 

  1. High absorbency
  2. Easy to remove and dispose of
  3. Less wastage of cat litter
  4. Bacterial growth prevention ability
  5. Releases fragrance on getting moist. 
  6. Sun-dried naturally. 
  7. Includes scented cat litter in fragrances like baby powder, vanilla, lavender, green apple, rose, lemon, and more. 

To learn more about how CMS CATBENT can fulfill your cat litter needs, visit us at or fill out this form stating your needs to get an instant quote.

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