Bentonite finds its application in the areas of oil drilling as mud constituent and water well drilling.  It also removes drill cuttings and lubricates the cutting head. CMS INDUSTRIES Drilling grade bentonite has the ability to mix instantaneously and smoothly while holding cuttings and quickly cooling the cutting tools. It lubricates effectively and exhibit buoyancy while resisting against contaminated water, although providing thin yet strong wall to wall formation. It also provides protection to drill bits by cooling and able to deliver high barrel yield.

There are mainly two types of bentonite i.e. Calcium Bentonite and Sodium Bentonite. They are used in following industries which are as follows: Oil Drilling Bentonite, Foundry Bentonite, Animal Feed Bentonite, Paper Bentonite, Civil Engineering Bentonite, Construction Bentonite, Pilling Bentonite, Geosynthetic Clay Liner Bentonite, Agriculture Bentonite, Horizontal Direction Drilling Bentonite, Iron Ore Pelletizing Bentonite, Water Well Drilling Bentonite, Cat Litter Bentonite, Earthing Bentonite, Water Treatment Bentonite, Pond Sealing Bentonite and Cosmetic Bentonite.

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